3rd District debate shows stark difference between candidates

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Press release from the Tom Hayhurst for Congress, 3rd Indiana Congressional District campaign:

3rd District Debate Shows Stark Difference Between Candidates
Hayhurst highlights opponent’s record of raising taxes, increasing pay, and receiving government money

At Last night’s debate sponsored by Mike Down’s Center, Women’s Bureau, and League of Women’s voters, stark differences became apparent in the positions of the candidates with respect to economic and political issues.

Hayhurst’s Campaign Manager, Jason Kingsbury, said “Dr. Hayhurst was the obvious winner in last night’s debate. He spoke clearly on the issues voters wanted to hear-from his support for a balanced budget amendment and tax cuts for small businesses to more support for our local schools. Marlin Stutzman, on the other hand, couldn’t explain why he allowed $300 million to be taken from our school systems, voted for a $700 million tax increase after signing a pledge to not raise taxes, and why he gave himself a 78% pay increase on the tax payer’s dime. Dr. Hayhurst has consistently supported policies to create jobs without compromising our values, and he is a leader we can trust.”

Last night’s debate, televised by WANE- TV and held at IPFW’s Rhinehart Hall, was the first official debate between the candidates. All three candidates are on the November 2nd ballot to replace former Rep. Mark Souder, who resigned in May after announcing he had an affair with a member of his staff.

“It’s a shame that we have no one representing us in Washington right now. Since Congressman Souder’s resignation, Northeast Indiana hasn’t had a vote in Congress during a very important time. Now, Marlin Stutzman, who was a ‘Special Assistant’ to Rep. Souder during the same time he was receiving tax payer money as a State Rep. and also from tax payer funded farm subsidies is running to replace his old boss with politics as usual. It’s a bit confusing, Mr. Stutzman is against government money, but he doesn’t have a problem triple dipping our money. This is a classic example of a career politician saying one thing and doing another,” said Kingsbury.

Hayhurst brings his lifelong passion for serving the community to his campaign. His dedication has been shown throughout his 30 years as a critical care physician in northeast Indiana while co-founding and volunteering at several area free health clinics. He served his country honorably in the U.S. Air Force and achieved the rank of Major. When threats to local services arose, he rallied with others to start Veterans for Better Health Care. From the grassroots, he fought to retain essential services at our regional Veterans Hospital.

“My wife, Judy, and I are lifelong 3rd District residents. We are deeply connected to this corner of Indiana. It’s where we raised our family, where we worship and volunteer our time. Like you, it’s the place we are proud to call home. As your Congressman, I will work hard to keep it that way and make it a better place,” said Hayhurst.



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