Morris announces new challenge for Wyss

Jack Morris for State Senate campaign sign.

Press release from the Jack Morris for Indiana Senate campaign:

Morris announces new challenge for Wyss

(October 9, 2010) – (D) State Senate Candidate Jack Morris announced a new challenge to incumbent State Senator Tom Wyss today. In light of new discoveries, Morris has offered to drive to Indianapolis to debate Tom Wyss. In today’s Indianapolis Star, an expose titled ‘@Home with Tom Wyss’. “Highlights and adds a piece to the larger picture that addresses Wyss’s disconnect to Fort Wayne and misplaced loyalties as a State Senator”, contends Morris.

Over four months ago, Morris offered to debate Senator Wyss. Wyss has stated publicly that he would ignore those requests. The 25-year incumbent Senator has “dodged accountability” by falsely accusing Morris of running a dirty campaign. The dirty campaign tactic Wyss claimed arose from questions regarding the $22,000 he billed to taxpayers for 33 out of state trips in just two years. Morris does not consider questioning how taxpayer dollars are spent as dirty campaign tactics, firmly stating: “It is a question that all taxpayers should be asking. In fact, if one examines Wyss’s voting record, available on my website, it is clear that he has consistently pushed back against transparency and open government in favor of his special interest allies in what is now clearly his home in Indianapolis.”

“Unfortunately, my opponent will not address the tough questions I wish to ask him. Just like the secrecy he has advocated for in Indianapolis, he continues to hide from his record here at home. Therefore, rather than ask him to drive to Fort Wayne, I will happily drive to his home in Indianapolis for debates, so long as they are televised for our residents of Fort Wayne.

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