FEC Advisory Opinion to Stutzman campaign

Marlin A. Stutzman

The Marlin Stutzman campaign for the Indiana 3rd Congressional District seat recently asked a question of the Federal Election Commission.

The question asked was:

When a general election and a special election are held on the same day, may the principal campaign committee of a Federal candidate in both elections treat undesignated contributions as contributions made with respect to either the general election or the special election, without obtaining contributor redesignations or presumptively redesignating the excessive portion of such contributions?

The short response from the FEC was:

Yes, the Committee may treat undesignated contributions as contributions made for the general election or for the special election held on the same day, or divided between the two elections, as long as those contributions do not exceed the contributor’s combined limit for both elections. If the combined contribution limits for both elections are not exceeded, no redesignation is necessary.

The entire advisory opinion may be downloaded here.


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