Redevelopment Commission agenda – 9/13/2010

City of Fort Wayne Seal

The Fort Wayne Redevelopment Commission meets this afternoon at 4 pm in the City Council Chambers in the City-County Building.

On the agenda, which may be downloaded here:

  • Resolution 2010-19 – Ratifying and approving an Agreement for the Sale and Development of Real Estate in the Summit Industrial Park Urban Renewal Area
  • Resolution 2010-20 – Approving an extension of a lease between Mayflower Investment Group LLC, as lessee, and the Fort Wayne Redevelopment Commission, as lessor, for real estate and improvements commonly known as “Club Soda”
  • Resolution 2010-21 – Approving an expenditure for parking control equipment for the Harrison Square parking garage

And other business:

  • Memorandum of Understanding between the Fort Wayne Redevelopment Commission and the Allen County Public Library
  • Renaissance Square Sidewalk Reconstruction


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