The NKP 765 prepares for Akron and Owosso

In preparation for its trip to Akron, the Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society’s NKP 765 steam locomotive turned on the downtown ‘wye’.

The locomotive was headed west and needed to be turned the other direction.  If you’re not sure what a ‘wye’ is, check this wikipedia page.  

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  1. Stephen, Thanks for sharing the video of the 765! I grinned from ear to ear watching it. Would have loved to be there but work called!I hope the crew has a great time in Ohio and hopefully I can get to Owosso.

    • Judi – today’s visit to Payne was great as well! You should have heard the school kids at the first audible blast of the 765’s whistle! It was a great morning. Only thing would have made it better was if the 765 had been the lead, but can’t have everything. Owosso should be a great time as well! If you go up for the day, let me know, maybe we can car pool!


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