Hayhurst calls on Stutzman to apologize for inappropriate emails

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Press release from the Tom Hayhurst for Congress, 3rd Indiana Congressional District campaign:

Hayhurst calls on Stutzman to apologize for inappropriate emails

Tom Hayhurst, candidate for Indiana’s 3rd congressional district, called on his opponent to apologize for harassing students and teachers with emails without the permission of parents or school administrators.

In a recent Journal Gazette article, Marlin Stutzman’s campaign is accused of soliciting young students through their teachers to come work for his campaign for free. This prompted Fort Wayne Community Schools to send Marlin Stutzman’s campaign a letter asking him to stop solicitation of students.

Further, a spokeswoman for FWCS had this to say, “We think it is inappropriate to contact teachers through their work e-mail asking them to ask students to be part of a campaign.” In response to her concerns, the Stutzman campaign was unapologetic and called the spokeswoman “disgruntled” and “questions her motives if she takes offense at this.”

Hayhurst added, “This raises some serious ethical and privacy issues for the Stutzman campaign. Where did his campaign get the email addresses of possibly hundreds of teachers in district, out of district, and even private high schools? It appears after Mr. Stutzman’s 5th election in 3 years, he’s turned in to a career politician who will stoop to any level to buy himself a seat in Congress.”

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