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Press release from the Tom Hayhurst for Congress campaign:

Hayhurst Campaign releases new ad, opposes Wall Street Bail outs

(August 24, 2010) – Today, The Tom Hayhurst for Congress campaign announced it will begin airing its first campaign commercial. The ad entitled “Same” features Hayhurst addressing his opposition to faulty trade deals and Wall Street bailouts.

“As I travel the 3rd Congressional district, everywhere I go people tell me they are gravely concerned with Washington. Congress keeps voting for trade deals and tax breaks that ship our jobs away while bailing out banks and big insurance companies. This is unacceptable. Our district needs an independent voice willing to stand up to politicians on both sides of the aisle. In order to change Washington, we have to change who we send there.”




Script of “Same”:

Tom Hayhurst:

Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the same result?-Albert Einstein.

But Congress keeps voting for trade deals and tax breaks that ship our jobs away.

Bailouts for banks and big insurance companies

I’m Tom Hayhurst and I want to work for folks who sit around kitchen tables, not board room tables.

No more Wall Street bailouts.

We need tax breaks for companies that create and keep jobs here.

I approve this message because it’s time we tried something new.

“My wife, Judy, and I are lifelong 3rd District residents. We are deeply connected to this corner of Indiana. It’s where we raised our family, where we worship and volunteer our time. Like you, it’s the place we are proud to call home. As your Congressman, I’ll work hard to keep it that way and make it better for all of us.”

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  1. Good to see Tom is monday morning QBing this one!!! Hey Tom I guess you showed financial responsibility voting yes for harrison square huh? Is that your idea of fiscally responsibility?


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