Press release from City Utilities:

(August 17, 2010) -Repair work on the river bank along Thieme Drive is moving forward. The Army Corps of Engineers awarded the project to Fleming Excavating, Inc. to do the construction. The work will begin on Monday, August 23, 2010.

On Wednesday, August 18, 2010, Indiana Michigan Power will begin minor utility relocation work to make way for the construction.

The St. Marys River flows into a curve along Thieme Drive at West Washington Boulevard and then across from Swinney Park. For years, high river flooding conditions have eroded the bank at the river. In the spring of 2009, flooding washed away a critical portion of the bank. A section of Thieme Drive was closed to traffic last year while the Army Corps worked with the City to develop an acceptable plan for the repair and protection of the riverbank.

Under the federal Flood Control Act of 1946, 65% of the funding for the $748,000 project will come from the Federal Government and 35% will come from the City.

The plan will place gabion baskets, wire framed baskets filled with large stone over geo-textile fabric, along nearly 400-feet of stream bank on the St. Marys.

For safety reasons, the Rivergreenway trail connection on Thieme Drive will have a detour during construction. The detour will take Nelson Street through the West Central neighborhood. Residents along Thieme will have access to their residence.

The work is expected to be completed in October.


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