Sunday Interview Series: Allen County Superior Court Criminal Division Judge race

Candidates Wendy Davis, Lewis Griffin and Judge Ken Scheibenberger.

I am rolling out a new series of interviews today as we look toward the election in November.  The series will be posted every Sunday morning.

The Allen County Superior Court Criminal Division Judge election is a non-partisan election. Candidates do not claim a party affiliation, are limited in the amount of money they may raise and spend and usually suffer low voting numbers simply because they are at the bottom of the ballot and are missed by those who cast straight-party ballots.

This race has been interesting thus far and this could be one of those years when a judges race in Allen County actually turns in some record numbers. The incumbent is Judge Ken Scheibenberger, whose candidacy has been challenged and will be decided in a hearing on September 2nd in Indianapolis. We did not discuss this controversy in Judge Scheibenberger’s interview. For one thing, I felt the local media has provided enough coverage and secondly, it’s not in the arena of what I try to present on this blog/website.

I want to thank all three candidates for their time and patience. In the case of the Wendy Davis interview, it was filmed toward the end of June. However, equipment difficulties and three major festivals at work, kept me from posting and completing these in a more timely fashion.

I will have a follow up of sorts to these interviews in the next week or two. In the mean time, you may locate the interviews on the following pages:

Wendy DavisCampaign website

Lewis GriffinCampaign website

Judge Ken ScheibenbergerCampaign website

Update: Check for the new poll in the second column on the right under the photo banner. Chime in on who you’ll be voting for in November.

Remember to check next Sunday for the next installment.

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  1. Watch the videos if you don’t know anything about these people. Lewis Griffin and Ken Scheibenberger seem sincere. All I get from Wendy Davis’ message is ‘vote for me because I deserve it’. I want someone I trust and from her demeanor, I do not trust her.

  2. I support Judge Scheibenberger as well. While I think it great Wendy likes to support all the groups she does and is as involved like she is, can she be that involved as a judge? Aren’t there rules limiting activities?

    All of the groups she has spoken at and posed for photos with – was this a sudden election thing, or has she been that active all this time?

    Judge Scheibenberger may have had some issues, but I don’t think he’s unfit as a judge. Walk a mile in his shoes and tell me any of us would have reacted any differently. It’s a cheap ploy by an “anonymous” attorney who doesn’t have the balls to put his/her name out there and take ownership of their actions. I guess I can understand the need for anonymous, but if that’s truly the case, maybe he/she should have had someone else do the dirty deed.

  3. Judge Scheibenberger is a proactive judge. He founded the drug court and is constantly striving to educate people about the evils of drugs. He has made a great impact on the Allen Superior Court Criminal Division. He has my vote.

  4. I have known Wendy Davis for almost 20 years. I met she and her family in San Antonio, Texas where she was an assistant D.A.
    I know Wendy personally and professionally. She is a mentor and a friend.
    I believe that she will be an asset to the bench. I am convinced that her passion, dedication and talents will make her one of the best Superior Court judges Fort Wayne has ever had.
    Allen County is fortunate to have such a talent in their community. Her energy, enthusiasm and abilities, not to mention her incredible track record as an attorney, all speak to her capability as a judge.
    She has my full support.

  5. The three most important pre-requistes for being a judge are knowledge, integrity, and experience. Knowledge of the law is imperative so that one can therefore apply it, NOT interpret it. Integrity, so that one is not swayed by the many circumventions and ambiguities frequent in public service decision making capacities. And….experience, so that one has the inherent history to draw both knowledge and integrity from. Upon close scrutinzation of all three candidates there is only one who thoroughly displays these qualifications. Wendy Davis….the choice is crystalline.

  6. “Close scrutinization?” By whom? If by an independent body, so be it. If not, one can argue even from cursory analysis that all three qualify, and based on experience, Judge Kenneth has the edge.

  7. Judge Scheibenberger has been on the bench for almost 19 years and was an attorney for over 14 years, practicing mostly criminal defense. EXPERIENCE! No one has attacked the decisions he has made on the bench and no was has accused him of being an activist judge. ONLY personal issues have been put in play. He has bi-partisan support as well as the support of those who practice before him every day. Judge Scheibenberger has been dedicated, hard-working and compassionate and has earned re-election.

  8. Judge Scheibenberger has made mistakes in his personal life – and who hasn’t (even if not as dramatic a fashion)? But the issue must be how does he perform on the bench. There has never been a question about that. The issues raised against him have never been about that. Whatever the qualifications of the other candidates, we can’t know how they would perform on the bench, which is the only real demand of the job. Judge S. has my vote, having shown he can do the job.


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