City Council notes – 8/17/2010

The Fort Wayne City Council

Notes from this evening’s City Council will concentrate solely on the K2 ordinances.  Fort he latest updates to this post, hit your ‘F5’ button or your browser’s ‘Refresh’ button.

A quick note – Councilwoman Karen Goldner has asked that her ‘Ethics’ ordinance be held 1 week.  It will not be discussed this evening.

There is some discussion over whether or not a public hearing can be held this evening because legal 10-day notice was not given.    Councilwoman Karen Goldner is stating a formal legal public hearing isn’t necessary, but if some of the public wishes to speak, they can.

Councilman Tim Pape is stating he feels if the public was told they could speak, they should be able to.

Councilman Harper feels that there have been times when the public has been discouraged from speaking, and he feels they should be allowed to speak.  He is asking for the ordinance to be held.  Councilman Bender responded he was trying to do his due diligence to make sure the meeting is legal.

Councilwoman Liz Brown is saying if people came today to speak, they should be allowed to do so.

Councilman Harper is beginning his comments.  Most nations in Europe banned the substance in 2008.  Two Indiana counties recently banned it.  Based on a Falkland County Arkansas ordinance.  Dallas Texas just banned it with an 8-1 vote this past week.  Kendallville has requested a copy of the final copy, New Haven is modeling theirs on it.

This is a totally different chemical than THC.  It activates different receptors in the brain.  Marketed as incense.  Poison Control Centers across the country have noticed an increased spike since last Autumn in calls regarding K2.

Some of the effects including panic attacks, elevated blood pressure, hallucinations, seizures, and others.

Councilman Harper is commenting this is really the result of petitioning from young people who have been protesting the sale of K2 in Fort Wayne.  He is talking about the SAVE Fort Wayne group and Sheila Curry Campbell.

This is a manufactured substance.

Ordinances have been amended.

Dr. Deborah McMahan is before the Council.  She is basically recapitulating what Councilman Harper presented.  K2 is 10 times more active than THC.  She is talking about the undeveloped teen brain and affects of K2 on it.

My battery is about dead.  I’ll be taking some hand written notes and updating later.

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