City Council notes – 8/10/2010

The Fort Wayne City Council

Notes from tonight’s City Council meeting.

All members are present except for Councilman Tim Pape.

Downtown Design Manual

Hopefully, a zoning ordinance amendment will be brought before City Plan Commission in October.  It will then before the City Council in November.

Plan commission will hold a future public hearing on the manual and zoning amendment.

The manual may be downloaded here.

Councilwoman Liz Brown is stating it’s important to remember this will be mandating design requirements on property owners.  It will place restrictions and requirements on developers.  It will change how we do business downtown.

Councilman Tom Smith is saying it is the most user-friendly document to come from the City.

Councilman John Shoaff is saying this may be seen by some as onerous or restrictive, however, many architects and developers think the opposite – it will help them protect their investments.  He is pleased with the outcome thus far.

Councilwoman Karen Goldner is confident staff will also listen to small business owners as well.

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