Animal Care & Control Thanks FWPD for Help in Rescuing Dogs

Press release from Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control:

Animal Care & Control Thanks FWPD for Help in Rescuing Dogs

(August 2, 2010) – As we all continue to struggle with the affects of summer heat, Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control is thanking Fort Wayne police for their assistance in rescuing dogs from hot vehicles. The shelter routinely receives calls of dogs left unattended in cars at shopping centers, businesses and even at movie theatres. Animal control officers investigate these calls to determine the level of danger posed to an animal.

When windows are left partially opne, they place a temperature gauge inside and often record readings of 110 degrees or more on a summer day.

Animal Control immediately contacts FWPD to have an officer open the vehicle to allow us to remove the animal and transport it to the shelter for safe keeping.

According to Animal Control, “It may seem like a small detail, but we couldn’t provide the help that is needed without the assistance of local police. We are fortunate to be a community that works together to make a difference for animals and for people.”

The shelter is reminding pet owners that August heat will be an ongoing concern for pets. Any animal left unattended in a vehicle could be removed. For safety sake, leave animals at home where they will be safe and comfortable.

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