Indiana GOP on end of Indiana’s fiscal year

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Press release from the Indiana Republican Party:

Indiana GOP on end of Indiana’s fiscal year

(July 16, 2010) – Indiana Republican Party Chairman Murray Clark issued the following statement after State Auditor Tim Berry officially closed Indiana’s books for fiscal year.

“While revenues for the year may have been short of projections, there are many positives to take note of. Thanks to the leadership of Gov. Daniels and Republicans in the legislature, Indiana is still in the black and has $830 million in reserves. Had the state adopted the budget proposed by Speaker Pat Bauer and House Democrats, it’s probable that our reserves would be gone only half way through this budget.”

“It’s also worth noting that we have managed to stay in this position through prudence and common sense, and we have avoided raising taxes like so many other states. Instead, our state government has found ways to cut spending while still providing the high quality of service we have come to expect under the Daniels’ administration. These spending cuts have provided protection for taxpayers and given Indiana a competitive advantage when it comes to attracting new businesses, adding new jobs and getting Indiana out of the national recession quicker and on stronger footing.” –Indiana Republican Party Chairman Murray Clark

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