Deep Fried Butter and a Donut Cheeseburger

2010 Three Rivers Festival button, courtesy image.

There are a few new items at the Three Rivers Festival this year.

Among them are Deep Fried Butter and Donut Cheeseburgers.  Let me tell you up front that the food items were provided to AFW free of charge.

First up was the Deep Fried Butter.  I was very skeptical, as I’m sure most of you are, about this item.  The butter is rolled into balls and then dipped in funnel cake batter and placed into the fryer until golden brown.  Biting into it was almost like biting into a warm creme puff, sans the creme.  Instead, you had the butter kind of oozing into your mouth.  I’ve heard a few people comment this is an awful salty item.  I didn’t pick up on the salt, just the oozing.  While it’s taste was not unpleasant, it’s not one I would seek out time after time although I might try another sample to make sure my initial impressions were correct.

Now the Donut Burger is an entirely different matter!  This thing is almost as big as your head – well, not quite, but you do have to unhinge your jaw and do your best impression of a boa constrictor about to swallow its prey.  I will warn you – ASK FOR wet naps!  It is very messy, but well worth the efforts!  There was something about the sweetness of a glazed donut combined with the beefy cheesy taste of a hamburger.  If Krispy Kreme were to ever pick up on this, well, let’s just say I’d be first in line to purchase a franchise!

In fact, a quick google for Krispy Kreme (to make sure I remembered how to spell it) actually yielded ‘Krispy Kreme Burger‘ as a search option.  Now if you want to see something really obscene, and I’m not talking about the video I’m about to show you, check out some of those pictures!

As a special extra bonus, I am posting video of the Deep Fried Butter making process as well as Donut Burger process here.  You’ll get to see me – hide the kids as it’ll scare them – chow down.




If you want to try out either of these two items, here’s what the stand looks like.

Keep an eye out, hopefully later today, for another new item – Deep Fried Apples – as well as other favorites. In the meantime, take the poll to the right of this story!

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