July 4th fireworks at IPFW

Sunday will see the annual July 4th fireworks at IPFW.

This year, AT&T has continued the sponsorship that Centennial Wireless had for several years before being acquired by AT&T the end of last year.

The display will start around 10 pm, or when it becomes dark enough.  Those wishing to attend the fireworks on campus, may do so by using either the Crescent Avenue or North Anthony Boulevard entrances.  The north entrance located on the intersection of St. Joe Road and Broyles Boulevard is currently closed due to construction.

There will not be live music or shows before the display, unlike previous years.  There will, however, be food vendors and US 93.3 FM will be on site.

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  1. And …

    The IPFW Alumni Association is again sponsoring the annual Fourth of July Fireworks Rooftop Party

    Sunday, July 4, 6 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.
    Parking Garage #1 (by Helmke Library)

    Plan to bring your chairs, cameras, snacks, and your best “ooos” and “ahhs” for the city’s great fireworks display. There will be activities for kids and a live radio remote by 106.3 JOE FM.

    The entrance fee is $5 per carload (YES, the WHOLE carload) and the event guarantees the closest spot to see the fireworks without trees and lights obstructing the view. Pizza Hut will be selling pizza by the slice as well as soft drinks and bottled water. In addition, there will be a craft table, face painting and games to help keep kids busy until the fireworks start!

    Proceeds benefit IPFW Alumni Scholarship and program funds.

    • And …

      Once again, people aren’t able to find the information because it’s not showing up in search engines which is a problem each year. Not everyone reads our local newspapers or watches the local newscasts. Last year, WANE-15 had the info posted on their website, however, it was as a jpg poster – which was obviously, not read by search engines. A search of the IPFW website this year yielded zero information. I’m happy to post the information – if someone sends it! This year, I’m on the IPFW media email list, however, I do not remember a press release regarding this event.


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