Citilink has seven new Hybrid Buses

Press release from Citilink:

Citilink receives seven new Hybrid Buses

Citilink recently celebrated the arrival of seven (7) new Hybrid buses. These new heavy duty transit vehicles were purchased with a combination of 100% federal stimulus (ARRA) funding, 80% discretionary federal funding for hybrid buses (championed by Senator Lugar), and local funds to replace vehicles that have met the end of their useful life.

These new transit vehicles run on a combination of ultra-low sulfur bio diesel fuel and Hybrid electric power. These buses will reduce our reliance on foreign oil, reduce overall operating costs, reduce pollution and maintain Citilink’s leadership status as a recognized “Fort Wayne Green City Business”.

Hybrid electric buses offer cleaner and more fuel-efficient performance than conventional diesel buses. We are expecting a 35%-45% fuel economy advantage; based upon experience by other transit systems operating this model of hybrid bus – manufactured by Gillig Corporation in California.

At current fuel prices, we anticipate fuel savings of $8,689 per bus per year. This coupled with reduced brake and transmission wear and maintenance expense result in significant operating cost savings. These funds can be redirected as additional resources to expand/maintain transit service.

Fort Wayne/Allen County has been declared an air quality non-attainment area. Hybrid buses are a proven method to reduce ozone and particulate matter to improve air quality. Vehicle manufacturer estimates indicate that 2010 hybrid electric buses are about 25 times cleaner in carbon dioxide emissions and 10 times cleaner in particulate matter emissions that the 1998 diesel engine buses that these new buses replace.

Further, Citilink continues its commitment to reduce ozone by offering free fare service on Ozone Action Days, and participating in the Clean Air Force
campaign. Join us by “Doing What You Can Do” to improve air quality and reduce energy consumption.

For more information on hybrid buses or other Citilink service information call 432-4546 or visit the website at For more information on the Clean Air Force campaign visit the website at

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