National Serv-all tested an innovative hybrid refuse truck last week

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National Serv-all had the opportunity and privelege to try out a new Autocar E3 last week.

The Autocar E3 is an innovative hybrid refuse truck that Serv-All had tested on routes in Auburn and Fort Wayne.

It’s one of very few demo units in the field which made this a unique opportunity for Serv-All and Fort Wayne. Autocar and Parker Hannifin are gathering data on the unit as they move closer to production. No set timetable on production yet, but it’s close, and sources tell me that Serv-All will be very interested in adding some of these to its fleet when the time comes.

About the Autocar E3

The Autocar E3 is powered by Parker Hannifin’s RunWise® system and is the only advanced series hydrostatic Class 8 hybrid available. It combines the latest in efficient hydraulic components with advanced control software, creating unprecedented results in fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.

Instead of a conventional transmission, the Autocar E3 employs an integrated two-speed hydrostatic drive for slower collection speeds and direct-drive capability for higher speeds.

Features and benefits of the Autocar E3

  • In-operation fuel savings of 28%-42% based on real-world testing
  • Reduction in fuel consumption equates to significant reduction in vehicle emissions
  • Reduced brake wear extends brake life up to eight times compared with traditional transmissions
  • Responsive hydrostatic drive eliminates starting hesitation and improves overall drivability
  • Faster acceleration, smoother braking and reduced fuel consumption contribute to increased overall productivity – field trials show productivity increases of up to 5% per truck
  • Hydraulic brake pumps absorb 70-plus percent of available braking energy
  • Ability to operate in temps as high as 120 degrees and as low as 40 below Fahrenheit
  • Extreme gradeability of up to 30%

How it works

The vehicle has two drive modes – hydraulic and mechanical. When the vehicle is in hydraulic mode, the Power Drive Unit (PDU) operates with hydraulic energy supplied through secondary motors into the mechanical gear train. The secondary pumps receive the hydraulic stored energy from the High Pressure Accumulators.

When the vehicle brakes, it signals to the pumps or the air brakes to maximize the hybrid drive brake regenerative ability. By using the hydraulic system to brake, the truck is able to recapture its stored energy, which results in dramatic fuel savings as well as improved brake life. Regenerative hydraulic braking assists the driver in all speed ranges under normal operations. Indeed, the more the vehicle brakes, the more efficiently the system operates and the more fuel-usage and brake-wear improvement for the end user.

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