Hayhurst statement on Stutzman’s Caucus victory

Tom Hayhurst for Congress logo.

Statement from the Tom Hayhurst for Congress campaign:

Congratulations to state Senator Marlin Stutzman on his nomination by Republican Party leaders. I look forward to an honest debate and spirited campaign focused on the issues.

Since announcing my candidacy for the 3rd District seat in Congress, I have been focused on one thing and one thing only: the people of northeast Indiana and working to make their lives better. I see too many hardworking Hoosiers who have lost jobs and are struggling every day to find new positions in the midst of the worst recession in modern times. I see our young people fearful of the future, concerned about having gone to school, having done all the right things, but seeing opportunities to stay in Indiana slipping away. I see too many self-centered career politicians that care more about their pensions than the vanishing retirement accounts of their constituents swallowed up by banks “too big to fail.”

These are the issues I am committed to talking about through the upcoming Congressional campaign. It’s time for the sideshow spectacle to end, and for the needs of the people to take center stage. That’s what my whole life has been about, serving the people of northeast Indiana. I’ve spent my life in service to others as a major in the U.S. Air Force and a pulmonary critical care physician; I’ve opened up free health clinics throughout the district, treating our neediest citizens when no one else would. I grew up here, raised my family here, and I know that we deserve effective representation. People are tired of the partisan games in Washington and so am I. I’m running for Congress because, if we don’t change Washington now, we never will.


  1. But, Dr. Hayhurst, your Liberal Democratic Party DOES NOT HAVE what is necessary to “change Washington” as you are talking about! What party masterminded the bail-out of those “to-big-to-fail” banks, insurance companies and automakers? And is in the process of putting our nation into financial bankruptcy? And you want us to send another liberal to Washington? NO WAY !!!!

  2. John,

    You ask what party masterminded the bail-outs? It was president Bush, and I believe he was a Republican.

    Dr. Hayhurst has my vote and I’m a Republican. I’m not voting for the Souder clone, Stutzman. We’ve already been burned once.

  3. President bush didn’t recommend bailouts. That is the job of congress. Since he had no power to veto with the democratic majority it was neither his fault or his idea. Bailouts have increased under Obama.
    Marlin Stutzman had nothing to do with Souder’s sin. He is hard-working citezan who loves this country, not a Washington puppet like Hayhurst.


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