Wes Culver announcement from May 27, 2010

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Statement from the Wes Culver for US Congress campaign, dated May 27, 2010:

(Goshen, Indiana – May 27, 2010) – Wes Culver, Indiana State Representative in District 49, announced today that he will seek the Republican nomination for Indiana’s 3rd Congressional District seat. “I will be a voice for freedom and constitutional government when elected,” said Culver. “With me the 3rd Congressional District will have a representative who fights for their liberties and for policies and strategies that make Northeastern Indiana attractive for business and family.”

Wes Culver has a proven record both as a state legislator and business owner, working tirelessly to promote a conservative platform in the Indiana General Assembly that is pro-business, pro-life, and pro-family.

Wes Culver has started over a dozen local businesses and three non-profit organizations, two that have spread across the country. Wes is a proven business leader who enjoys tackling difficult/challenging issues and creating real, lasting solutions.

As a small business owner, Wes understands what it takes for the private sector to create and maintain good jobs in our communities. With unemployment at a high level throughout the district, job creation will be a top priority. “We need to address the tyranny of over taxation to help create significant jobs in our district. We need to lower taxes and make the tax code simpler, thus allowing small business and family to keep more of the money they earn.”

As a Congressman, Wes will also be a champion for governmental accountability and fiscal discipline. Wes believes that the federal government is too big and squanders away too many of our tax dollars. “We must make the federal government accountable by lowering taxes, reducing national debt and balancing the federal budget,” Wes affirmed.

There are 3 major characteristics that distinguishes Wes as the most qualified candidate to represent the 3rd Congressional District, not only as GOP nominee, but also as the next Congressman for Northeastern Indiana

  1. Wes has the extensive business experience that is greatly needed in government. While business and family have to make adjustments to live within their means, government most often takes the easy way out by just increasing taxes versus looking for ways to cut spending and gain new efficiencies.
  2. Wes has an established track record of thinking of innovative solutions to complicated issues and implementing them. Wes has created several organizations to help solve complex societal problems. Whether it’s placing unwed mothers in loving homes, helping to find funding for couples who are seeking to adopt, organizing contractors to build homes for world relief, or initiating the Indiana 500 Tour to bring more tourism to Indiana, Wes has the proven leadership to work at real solutions exclusive of government funding. The bottom line is Wes really understands that “We the People” are the true driver of innovation, job creation and real /lasting solutions and that government is at its best when it does the least and gets out of the way.
  3. Because Wes is solution driven and not focused on ‘sound bites’ or attacking folks on the other side of the aisle, he has the most potential to engage voters in November. Wes would not only be the most attractive candidate to the Republican base because of his strong, proven fiscal and social conservative ideology, he would also appeal to that large segment of independents and uncommitted voters who want genuine solutions, not partisan sniping and rhetoric.

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