Local non-profit professional introduces consulting group

Catalyst Consulting Group.

Press release from the Catalyst Consulting Group:

Local non-profit professional introduces consulting group

Jamie Garwood, a local non-profit professional has founded a consulting group to meet the changing needs of non-profit organizations.

Building on her 15 years in the not-for-profit sector, Ms. Garwood, envisions a nontraditional consulting firm:

“We believe in applying an entrepreneurial spirit to social issues by responding to market and community failures with transformative and cost-effective answers,” said Garwood.

Catalyst knows that organizations must navigate through competitive charitable marketplace and a public sector with restricted budgets. That’s why all of Catalyst’s services are customized for each project and can include strategies tailored for fund development, marketing, program design, evaluation and public policy.

Catalyst’s services include, but are not limited to: social innovation, issue research, performance measurement, public progress, change agents and organizational analysis.

For more information about Catalyst, contact Jamie Garwood, (260) 414-6378 or e-mail catalyst@verizon.net.


About Catalyst Consulting Group
Catalyst is a research, development and marketing firm dedicated to helping the nonprofit, public, and business sectors produce innovative solutions to address community issues as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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  1. I like Ms. Garwood’s idea of adding some entrepreneurial spirit to social issues. This sounds like it might be a winning idea. I can’t wait to see how this may work out. It will change the non profit industry if more people would think in this vein.

  2. Thanks Anton! There’s a real need for new thinking. Not only do I plan to bring new ideas to organizations, but I also want to highlight successes from around the country. There are solutions that are working, we just need people to spark the change. Here is the link to our first newsletter.


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