New York Central Freight Station threatened by demolition

Press release from ARCH:

New York Central Freight Station [sic] Threatened by Demolition

(May 21, 2010) – ARCH has learned that a demolition permit has been issued for the former New York Central Freight Station, at the northwest corner of Fourth Street and Clinton Street.

This building, which has been on ARCH’s Endangered List since 1999, represents a rare type of railroad building, and one that is ideally suited for redevelopment. Freight stations such as the New York Central have been redeveloped as farmers markets, as the center for a themed shopping area, as festival marketplaces and as the center for a system of urban greenways. The New York Central Freight Station could serve such a purpose in Fort Wayne.

The Freight Station has been determined to be historically significant and eligible for the National Register by several local, regional and national agencies and organizations, offices. As a building already identified as eligible for the National register of Historic Places, tax credits are available for commercial rehabilitation. ARCH hopes that the owners of the building will reconsider the demolition of this irreplaceable landmark, and has offered to provide an independent engineering assessment of the structure to determine its condition.

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