Jack Morris for State Senate offices to open Thursday – 5/27/2010

An e-mail from the Jack Morris for State Senate Campaign:


As you may have heard, lifetime Fort Wayne resident and active community member, Jack Morris, is a candidate for the State Senate seat in District 15. Jack’s opponent is Republican Tom Wyss who has been in the State Senate for 25 years.

Jack’s passion for our community and our state have sparked his desire to serve at a level where he can bring new energy and new ideas, resulting in a growing economy, transparency in our state government, and better public education through innovation and a fiscally responsible budget consistent with our needs. His proven record of fighting for individual rights and the clear need to take our state in a new direction make this a perfect time for a fresh voice at the state house. Jack is confidant he can win by running a strong grassroots campaign, talking with voters face to face about the issues that directly affect the people of Fort Wayne. He is also confident he will have the assistance of supporters who are just as passionate about bringing positive changes to Fort Wayne and our state government.

We invite all of you to the Headquarters Kick-Off for the Jack Morris for State Senate Campaign. We will celebrate beginning at 10:00am, Thursday, May 27th, at the official campaign headquarters located at 3505-B Lake Ave , Ft Wayne, IN 46805. The headquarters, centrally located in District 15, is the office building behind Jack’s law firm, Benson, Pantello, Morris, James, Logan. Light breakfast refreshments will be provided.

Directions to Jack Morris for State Senate Campaign Headquarters: https://www.mapquest.com/mq/3-9LPeDNJh4ZXOJVEW

We are inviting local media to the event, so of course, the more bodies, the greater the impact. We are inviting you because we need your ideas and your energy in our effort to send Jack to Indianapolis to fight for us. This is a great opportunity to get involved and make a difference.

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