Waffle Party Sunday – 5/23/2010

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A Waffle Party will be held this Sunday, May 23 from 10 am to noon at the Loving Cafe at 7605 Coldwater Road.

The schedule:

10:30 – yoga mini-session
10:45 – vegan breakfast scramble cooking demonstration
11:15 – yoga mini-session
11:40 – vegan blueberry muffin cooking demonstration

Breakfast samples, the bake sale, massages, and more will run from 10am – noon.

From a post off the Waffle Party Fort Wayne website:

If you think a vegan/vegetarian food festival is all nuts, berries, and twigs, prepare to be surprised. A waffle party is a festive and stomach-filling social event where waffles are served hot off the iron, with delicious toppings.

Why waffles? We focus specifically on waffles for several reasons:

Even with excellent resources on delicious vegan cupcakes, cookies, etc., we still have much awareness to build that baked goods can be done without dairy and eggs.
Waffles are a healthier alternative to eggs, breakfast meats, donuts and sausage gravies
People often seem particularly surprised when they learn that waffles can be vegan-then it occurs to them that perhaps most other bread products can be, too!
Waffles are very versatile-they can function as a main course for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner, or as a dessert.
Waffles are inexpensive and relatively easy to make.
Waffles are fun, and they’re delicious!
*courtesy of www.waffleparty.com

In addition to vegan waffle samples, we will also be serving samples of spring rolls from Loving Cafe and non-dairy milk. There will be baked goods for sale as well.

There will also be 2 cooking demonstrations to teach you how to cook without the use of eggs or dairy, relax with a yoga demonstration, enjoy a free massage, enter drawings for great prizes, visit our vendors and find out what popular foods (that you may already be eating) are actually vegan!

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