Cummins Diesel Oxidation Catalysts on 90 FWCS buses

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Press release from Cummins Crosspoint (January 29, 2010 – see note at bottom of this post):

October, 2009 ALA awarded FWCS & Cummins Crosspoint $99,000 to install Cummins Diesel Oxidation
Catalysts on 90 FWCS buses, in an effort to reduce emissions.

FWCS information you may want to know:

  • Daily route buses = 250
  • Total student population = 32,000
  • Students transported = 21,000, twice daily
  • Students with asthma = 10%
  • Air pollution = asthma attacks = increased student absenteeism.
  • Anti-idling measures = reduced or no idling in school zones; idle times are temperature dependent.
  • Buses were on a state 10 year replacement plan but are now mandated to be on a 12 year replacement plan.
  • Buses retrofitted with diesel oxidation catalysts are: 2001 = 50, 2002 = 4, 2003 = 33, & 2004 = 3.
  • School years of service left for retrofitted buses are 4 – 7.

What is a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst? A DOC is a device that uses a chemical process to break down pollutants in the exhaust stream into less harmful components through it’s porous ceramic honeycomb-like structure; coated with a material that catalyzes a chemical reaction, reducing emissions of particulate matter by at least 20%, hydrocarbons by at least 50%, and carbon monoxide by at least 40%. DOC expected lifespan is 7 – 15 years

Cummins Crosspoint: Fort Wayne location employs 37 professionals responsible for in shop and field service, sales, and product support for Cummins diesel engines, filtration, power generation sales, preventative maintenance, rental, hybrid drives, and other industry related products and services. Cummins Crosspoint has 21 locations in Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee and West Virginia.

Cummins Crosspoint. One of the largest distributors for Cummins engines, parts and service in the world. They are also an authorized distributor for Carrier Transicold and Yanmar. Their power generation division is one of the leading Cummins Power Generation equipment and Onan generator suppliers in the industry. Additionally, their OEM Upfit groups provide state-of-the-art value-added upfit and trim operations for leading Original Equipment Manufacturers in our area of operation.

Illustrations provided by Cummins Crosspoint.

Webmaster’s note: This press release/fact sheet is from a press conference held January 29, 2010.

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