New exhibit at the Karpeles Museum

Press release from the Karpeles Museum:

“Milestones in Modern Medicine”
Karpeles Museum New Exhibit

The Karpeles Manuscript Museum announces the opening of a new exhibit for Summer 2010. The new exhibit will begin on the 1st of May and run through August 31 of 2010. It consists of over two dozen manuscripts representing many of the most important breakthroughs in the development of modern medicine. Parking and admission are always free of charge. Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 10 AM to 4 PM. For more information please call 260-456-6929.

The exhibit includes letters, writings and official records of and about such luminaries as: William Harvey, Edward Jenner, Louis Pasteur, Ernst Chain, William Mayo, Francis Crick, Casmir Funk, Frederick Treves, Emil Bearing, Clara Barton, Benjamin Franklin, and others involved in advancing scientific and medical knowledge and practices.

Within the last 150 years the field of medicine has changed dramatically. Our understanding of blood circulation, vaccination, and origins of certain diseases has grown by leaps and bounds. The sanitary conditions under which we are treated today are fairly new concepts brought on by the work of Lister, and Barton who surmised that a sterile treatment area would perhaps offer the patient a better chance to survive. Penicillen, literally in its earliest stages of discovery, gave birth to a new series of drugs that have saved the lives of millions of patients. New forms of treatment facilities such as hospitals housing many doctors, instead of just one and clinics covering many specialties were both once new and exciting ideas. Come discover the birth of modern nursing, hospital care, the Red Cross, and the Mayo Clinic.

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