FWCS Board approves reduction in force

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Press release from Fort Wayne Community Schools:

FWCS Board approves reduction in force

The Fort Wayne Community Schools Board of School Trustees approved the reduction in force list during the Board meeting on Monday, May 10.

The list includes 284 full-time teaching positions from throughout the district, with 161 coming from the high schools, 78 from middle schools and 45 from elementary schools. The difference in the number of cuts made at each level stems from scheduling changes at the high schools. Because some full-time positions were filled by more than one part-time employee and there are separate Special Education positions being affected, a total of 311 employees are on the list approved by the Board. The deep cuts were necessary as the District permanently eliminates 91 positions as part of the $15 million in budget cuts being made this year. The additional layoffs were needed to provide flexibility in staffing with two schools closing and 11 others undergoing significant staffing changes.

By the beginning of the 2010-11 school year, it is anticipated that 193 of the 284 positions will be returned, although the staff members may not return to their same positions. Teachers receiving the notices were told in-person by their principals before the Board meeting. Official notices will be distributed on Thursday. Teachers will also have an opportunity later in the week to attend a meeting where they can ask questions about the process. Teachers who have been given a reduction in force notice will be able to apply for any remaining positions in the 11 LEAD Schools in LEAD Fair 3, after all LEAD teachers and other district teachers have had an opportunity to apply.

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