Maplecrest progress to temporarily close stretch of Rivergreenway

Press release from the City of Fort Wayne:

Maplecrest progress to temporarily close stretch of Rivergreenway
Section to Close for 13 months beginning Monday
Completed Maplecrest to bring Additional Trail Connection

As the Maplecrest Road extension project moves forward the The Rivergreenway – Maumee Pathway will be closed in an area near the construction zone. This is a necessary safety step as the bridge construction takes place at the path.

The Maumee Pathway will be closed from May 10, 2010 to June of 2011 during construction. The closure will be between the 5.0 mile marker and the 4.75 mile marker (see attached map). Trail users can continue to use the Maumee Pathway, but they will not be able to pass through the construction zone. Trail closed signs will be posted at the intersection of Pemberton Drive & Niagara Drive; the Coliseum Boulevard Trail Spur; and North River Road Trailhead.

The Maplecrest Road project will extend the road 1.5 miles from Lake Avenue to State Road 930 and Adams Center Road. The road project will also bring benefits for trail users. A new trail will run along the Maplecrest Road Extension for the entire 1.5 mile length. There will also be an S-curve ramp from the new Maplecrest Road Trail to connect with the Rivergreenway.

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