Troyer to Thomas – “You name the time and place”

Statement from Phil Troyer, Republican candidate in the 2010 primary for the 3rd District Congressional seat:

Troyer challenges Thomas on debate demand

Third District congressional candidate Phil Troyer is challenging fellow candidate Bob Thomas to come clean on his recent demand for a debate with Congressman Mark Souder.

“Bob had the chance to participate in a debate,” noted Troyer. “Several patriot groups were set to sponsor the event at IPFW. When Congressman Souder refused, the groups were willing to go forward without him. However, Thomas then refused to participate. As a result, his attempt to make an issue out of Congressman Souder’s refusal to debate is more than a little hypocritical.”

“If Bob Thomas wants a debate, I will meet him anytime atany place, ” said Troyer. “Unfortunately, Thomas and Souder are content to sling mud at their opponents from the security of a recording studio but are unwilling to debate the real issues in front of live voters. As a result, this campaign has been the ugliest ever seen in northeast Indiana.”

“Bob is currently running ads in an effort to smear me, ” added Troyer. “He ought to be man enough to make the allegations to my face, in front of an audience, with a chance for me to rebut. Unfortunately, I sincerely doubt that he is.”

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