Indiana State Police Dodge Charger hits road, Pendleton District

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Press release from the Indiana State Police:

Indiana State Police Dodge Charger Hits Road, Pendleton District

(Pendleton) Indiana State Police Senior Trooper Chris Noone, Pendleton Post, has been issued a 2010 Dodge Charger patrol car. The Dodge Chargers were issued to the 2008 Indiana State Troopers of the Year from each state police district. Lt. Bob Burke, Commander of the Pendleton Post stated, “Senior Trooper Noone is very deserving of being named Trooper of the Year for the Pendleton Post.” Burke went on to state, “Noone has made over 1000 drunken driving arrest in his career and over 100 a year in six of those years.”

The vehicles are part of the ongoing effort by the Indiana State Police to reduce the number and severity of crashes on high risk roadways throughout Indiana. This is to be accomplished through public education and strict traffic enforcement. The Indiana State Police has identified several primary causation factors related to motor vehicle crashes. They are speeding, operating while intoxicated, improper passing, following too closely, unsafe lane movement, and failure to yield. The issued Chargers will help support the state police mission of crash reduction.

Senior Trooper Noone graduated from the Indiana State Police School in 1995. He works out of the Pendleton Post which covers Hamilton, Madison, and Hancock counties. Noone and his family reside in Madison County.

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