Newman: Concerning the Libertarian Party

Statement from Charles “Chuck” Newman, Republican candidate for the Indiana Third District Congressional seat – sent April 22, 2010:

Concerning the Libertarian Party

At one time I have talked with you during the beginning of the Primary season back in January/February. I have switched to the Libertarian
Party and after this weekend I plan on being the Libertarian Candidate.

This is how I answered a question posed to me:

4. Why did you choose to go from Republican to Independent to Libertarian. Be more specific than: didn’t get the GOP nomination, didn’t get enough signatures to be an Independent, so the LP was your best chance to get on the ballot. (If I may be so presumptuous.)

I dropped from the Republican Primaries because some of my ideas are not in line with what the party “wants”. Although I consider what I stand for closer to the Reagan Revolution than even what Reagan wanted. Well, he talked a good game, but that is why they called him Teflon Ron. He spoke of smaller government, but always sent a budget with expanded government services.

If I would have waited one more day before I dropped as a Republican Candidate, I would not be eligible to run under the Libertarian Party.

I have until June 30th to collect the signatures. Kenneth White Jr. contacted me shortly after I dropped back in February and asked if I would consider running with the Libertarian Party. He told me my views were in line with those of the Libertarian Party. He sent me some literature on the Party. I decided a short time ago that I would become the Libertarian Candidate and the first Libertarian in Congress.

As I said, I had started looking at running against Souder in the primaries back on Nov 11, 08. The support is there, just not financial, but the moral support is there. Then Bob Thomas got in and is spending all his money. He is from Indy, I do not know who he thinks he is fooling. I was going to let them duke it out. Now this way, they are going to duke it out, and it will end up being the lesser of two evils is elected. The probable Democratic Candidate is a medical doctor. Especially with the idea of “health care” that was only insurance reform, he is an easy target. He should follow the
ideals of his party, of his president and work in free clinics or do other charitable work.

The Executive Director for the Indiana Libertarian Party is Mr. Christopher Spangle and his email address is I am sure he would be more than happy to fill you in on everything that happened and who the Libertarian Candidates are next week if you would contact him.

Charles R. (Chuck) Newman
Third District Congressional Representative 2011-13
Libertarian Paty Candidate

North East Indiana Congressional Representative 2011-13

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