Troyer: Congressman Souder Dares Voters to Hold Him Accountable on Term Limits

Statement, dated March 9, 2010, from Phil Troyer, Republican candidate in the 2010 primary for the 3rd District Congressional seat:

Congressman Souder Dares Voters to Hold Him Accountable on Term Limits

According to an article in the Warsaw Times Union, 3rd District Congressman Mark Souder dared voters to hold him accountable for his failure to uphold his promise to limit his terms in office.

“I ran on 12-year term limits in Congress,” Souder admitted during an address to the Kosciusko County Silent No More group on Monday evening. “This is my ninth race and I have been through eight primaries, and voters have had the chance to not vote for me.”

“Unfortunately, Congressman Souder has been less than forthright when it comes to his term limits pledge, ” noted Phil Troyer, a fiscal conservative challenging Souder in this year’s Republican primary. “When his 12-years in Washington expired, Congressman Souder claimed he should not be held to his promise because the district had changed. However, as the Fort Wayne News Sentinel recently reminded us, congressional districts are redrawn every 10 years. Therefore, Congressman Souder has essentially admitted he never intended to keep his pledge.”

“If we are going to change the atmosphere in Washington, we need statesmen who will stand behind their word,” Troyer stressed, “not politicians who later claim their fingers were crossed. The voters will have another chance on May 4th to hold Congressman Souder to the pledge he made during his initial campaign 16 years ago. I have faith they will do the right thing.”

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