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An e-mail update from Indiana State Representative Phil GiaQuinta, (D-80):

Indiana House Democrat’s Jobs Plan Stalls in Senate

(March 3, 2010) House Democrats started this session putting job creation as priority number one. Unfortunately, Governor Daniels has failed to offer any plan to put Hoosiers back to work. In a bipartisan effort, we have moved this bill forward and have passed our own Hoosiers First jobs plan.

The Hoosiers First plan House Democrats have crafted will create thousands of new jobs and get people back to work and off unemployment by helping small businesses grow, creating tax incentives to create new jobs, and holding companies accountable for promises they make to create new jobs.

Hoosiers First job plan.

Click Here to View the full Hoosiers First jobs plan

Unless the Governor is willing to intervene with the Senate, a bipartisan effort to put Hoosiers to work seems unlikely. The Senate has put the brakes on job creation using excuses to stall the process.

Many of our proposals have been vetted and voted on in the House before, others were ideas generated by Republicans, and some were new innovative ways to spur economic growth and get Hoosiers back to work.

Our bipartisan plan will create a positive environment for Indiana businesses and workers and help get our state’s economy moving again. House Democrats encourage our Senate colleagues to join us in an effort to create jobs and pass the Hoosiers First plan.

The Indianapolis Star
Jobs-creation provisions are in peril

Senate strikes items from bill; new home sought as session winds down

House Democrats say finding a way to boost jobs is the No. 1 priority in these final days of the legislature, but first they’ll have to find a way around the Indiana Senate.

Senate President Pro Tempore David Long, R-Fort Wayne, ruled that the jobs package Democrats had inserted into Senate Bill 396 was not germane to the bill’s main subject matter of addressing agricultural property tax assessments.

That means the program is dead unless another bill can be found that is a more acceptable home for the issue. Read more.

The Courier Journal
Indiana House jobs plan in jeopardy

INDIANAPOLIS – A Democrat-sponsored jobs plan that uses tax credits and other incentives to try to boost hiring in Indiana is in trouble as lawmakers seek compromises on bills before adjourning the session as early as Thursday. Read more

Check out the investigative report uncovering Governor Daniels’ exaggerated and sometimes false claims about his job creation projects

WTHR Channel 13 – Indianapolis
Reality Check: Indiana job numbers don’t add up

State leaders boast of 100,000 new Indiana jobs in the past five years, but an Eyewitness News investigation finds many of the state’s “economic successes” are actually empty fields and deserted factories where thousands of promised jobs never showed up.

Read more
Watch the video
Read the Governor’s response

If you believe the Hoosiers First Job Plan should be passed, please contact Governor Daniel’s office at 317-232-4567

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