Allen County iMap team wins State Award

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Allen County Government press release:

Allen County iMap Team Wins State Award
Developed and implemented Public Access Tax Info web page

(February 26, 2010) The development and implementation of Allen County’s Public Access Tax Information (PATI) web page has earned the County’s iMap team a state honor.

The team was the recipient of the Excellence in Geographic Information Systems Award from the Indiana Geographic Information Council at the group’s annual GIS conference in Bloomington earlier this week.

The iMap team created the web page at the request of the Allen County Treasurer’s Office. It provides taxpayers with the ability to view their tax bills and pay those bills via the web by check or with a credit card. The web page also allows taxpayers to search for property via a GIS map, or by a text search utilizing; a name, an address, the tax bill number or property ID number.

The iMap team worked with the County’s IT contractor, Atos Origin, to extract the tax information from the Low Property Tax system and integrate that data with County’s GIS data. Additionally, data from the County Assessor’s office and Auditor’s office was included to offer the taxpayer the property card, sketches and photos pertaining to the property. The project took less than three months to complete and was released in time for the fall tax cycle.

“The PATI web page has benefited the community of Allen County by enabling taxpayers to pay their fall 2009 property tax installment via the web utilizing either credit card or automated check,” said Dave Estes, County iMap Administrator. “It has also reduced the number of tax inquiry telephone calls to the Treasurer’s Office by more than half, allowing staff to be restructured to provide more service at the customer desk. And the PATI web page benefits all businesses involved with property tax and assessment across the state and the country.”

Other members of the County’s iMap team are Rick Bokern, Principle iMap System Technician; Chris Tallman, iMap Programmer/Analyst; Molly White and Kurt Whited, iMap Analysts; and Charles Sheets, Atos Origin.

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