Redistricting Reform update: Bauer moves deadline

E-mail from Todd Rokita, Indiana Secretary of State:

Update: Bauer moves deadline – action needed immediately

(February 17, 2010) Indiana House Speaker Pat Bauer has moved up the deadline for committee hearings from March 3 to February 22. The change in deadline means that the House Committee on Rules and Legislative Procedures needs to act on Senate Bill 80 by February 22. The House Committee must act in order to send the bill to the House floor for a vote.

Senate Bill 80 would require the new legislative maps to respect county and township lines, preserve traditional neighborhoods and communities of interest, protect minority voting rights and create simple, compact districts. Senate Bill 80 received bipartisan support in the Indiana Senate, and passed with a vote of 47-1.

Now that Speaker Bauer has moved the deadline for committee hearings, we ask that you contact him directly. Please contact Speaker Bauer, and tell him to send Senate Bill 80 to the House floor.

We know Speaker Bauer has called redistricting reform legislation a “distraction.” Tell him that this issue is important to you, and that the concerns of Hoosier voters and taxpayers are hardly a distraction.

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