Another Souder challenger

Statement from Charles “Chuck” Newman, Republican candidate for the Indiana Third District Congressional seat – sent February 10, 2010:

This announcement was supposed to be live at the Garrett Public Library, but weather conditions prevented it on Feb. 10th. As with sports teams when they draft a new player and put a shirt and hat on them, I have included a picture of me with a US Representatives hat and shirt.

My name is Charles R. Newman but I prefer the name Chuck, and as of Jan. 26, 2010 I became an official candidate for the Republican nomination for Indiana Third District Congressional Representative.

The reason I am running is to make sure we have a great country to pass onto my son and all of Americas’ children. To make sure we have the government and means to secure the liberties set forth in the basis for our country, the Declaration of Independence, and to finally make the financial responsibility of our government in line with how life for the individual citizen is with spending equaling income to secure our nation for our graying population, represented by my parents.

Very simply put, those are the reasons I am running, and the reason I am your congressman. All of the following background I feel how we can move forward to make our country better and achieve my reasons for running.

We all vote as independents no matter which party we declare ourselves as in the primaries, if we even declare. I have declared myself as a Republican candidate for the office of Third District U.S. Congressman. Although I am a Republican, I am first a Conservative-Libertarian, but before that, I am an American. My Great grandfather was a FDR Democrat, who received the “helping hand” from government during the depression, something the government needs to return to rather than just “giving”. Currently, there are two others that are official candidates for the Republican nomination, those are: Mark Souder, and Phil Troyer, both of whom I consider career politicians. Both of whom I consider to be Americans and Conservative, but I feel both have a misguided idea of what being a Conservative means. The idea has been perverted by Mr. Rush Limbaugh and other “conservative” talk show hosts.

In my opinion, Conservative is making small changes to make America a better country. The idea of the conservative talk show hosts, and of the Reagan administration is “no free lunch” and lower taxes. One way is making a balanced budget so we do not have an “all you can eat buffet”, or eat now and pay later as what happened during the Reagan Administration. All conservatives want a better America, liberals want a better America. Both ways are conflicting because the liberals want it now, and want to be moving forward too fast, and can sometimes produce unexpected reactions, conservatives make a choice for now to start moving in a different direction, and if unexpected reactions happen, usually they can be corrected before they get out of hand. The former Pres. George W. Bush talked about compassionate conservatism. This phrase had nothing to do with taxes, but about people helping others. People helping People without government intervention are what we as a nation, we as a government and we as a people need to return too.

My Contract for American, which I have posted on my website with my rationale for each clause that is in the Contract. My website address is

1) Fiscal Responsibility is a hallmark of Conservatism.

a) Balancing the budget is more important than giving tax discounts. The Republican ideology has always been to bring those in the bottom up without over-taxing the top to bring them down. It has came out during the last Presidential campaign the bottom third of wage earners do not pay taxes. They do pay taxes, only to receive most, all or all plus some after their tax return is filed. Balance the budget with those in the upper half of the median, those from the 0 to 30th percentile, have a zero withholding, and those from the 30th+percentile to the median have a 10% withholding, or some other token withholding to be off-budget. This would do away with the IRS as it currently exists. Saving money not only in salaries, but in office space, the cost of printing all of the tables, the forms, the use and purchase of computers and checks.

b) With taxes being reduced or eliminated on those in the lower median, they will be spending more of their income. The upper median is more than likely the owners/shareholders of production or services in the economy. The upper median may have a larger withholding, but will end up making a larger amount in the long run, thereby making a growing economy moving like a snowball going downhill.

c) Although there is no tax return at the end of the year, it will be made up with the fact each person will be receiving more during the year and not have to file tax returns, pay for others to complete tax returns, and worry about ways to come up with extra money to pay for their what they “owe”.

2) All taxes are paid by the individual even if it is tax upon a corporation or business. In order for a corporation or business to pay for the tax they are just going to raise the price of their good or service to individuals. Repeal all federal taxes on corporations and businesses. With repealing the taxes, corporations and businesses will put more money into upgrading, increasing their inventory or hire more employees.

3) In keeping with the idea all taxes are paid by the individual, repeal the capital gains tax. Create a new withholding tax on payment of dividends. Congress will make the budget expenditures, but the Congressional Budget Office should be in charge of creating the withholding rates with consent of Congress to pass to the President. This will take out of the hands Congress something it fails to do, make the budget balanced.

4) In order for US manufacturers to compete with cheap foreign labor, or with countries where environmental laws are much more lax than the US, the US should add an import tax, with the exception of those countries we already have a trade agreement approved. If doing this takes us on a course of withdrawing from the WTO, so be it. Trade versus quality is the traditional rationale for trade, cheap prices versus jobs is the current rationale the US has been using. The manufacturing sector needs to increase because US quality and labor saving methods can more than make up for the cost of bringing goods into the US. This will protect and increase American jobs.

5) Social Security Trust and Disability
a) The Social Security Trust is invested by law in US Securities. The Trust must be allowed to be invested in the Stock market. The stock market has had hiccups, but in the long run, stocks will always produce a return. Even if the return is from dividends.

b) The disability for social security (SSI) needs to be changed so if a doctor, licensed by a state says someone will be disabled for a minimum of 30 days for a maximum of X days. The person should start receiving their disability immediately. The ending number of days must be submitted. For a period of up to 700 days, one doctor can authorize the disability. More than that, another doctor will have to check the person no earlier than 670 days, but no later than 690 days. If the second doctor approves in writing the need for disability extension, from then on, the person has to go to a different doctor a minimum of 90 days after the supplemental doctor supplied extension to no more than 120 days for a different doctor to give a disability extension in writing. Once the person returns to work, an extra one percent will be withheld from the paycheck to help pay for the helping hand given to the person during their time of need.

Until recently (Since 1900), prisons were reserved for the heinous criminals that were known to be too violent. These were people that needed to be kept away from civilized society. Now the criminal system puts people in jail/prison sometimes because they might do something to another person, or they do something to themselves.

6) According to the Declaration of Independence, the most cherished document for our country and why I consider myself to be a Conservative-Libertarian, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

I personally want to see treatment for all users/abusers so they can be productive members of society. It is the government that is given the ability to regulate, but must allow until a person’s right to the pursuit of happiness comes into conflict with another’s right of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

a) Drinking and Driving
If you are driving, there should be zero tolerance and DUI’s should be treated more as a moving violation. If you are drinking and stopped, your car should be towed unless there is a sober person in the car, and you should be taken to the “drunk” tank until someone comes and pays the fine and takes you home. Now if you are involved in property damage or injure a person, that is a completely different story, those should have the same criminal penalties as now, or even worse. There are hundreds to thousands of people in the US that will drive above a 0.08% BAC, but very few of them will be caught until they actually do injure or kill someone. Making zero tolerance will make people more aware of getting a designated driver. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, IIHS says alcohol starts to affect the person about .05% BAC. Everyone needs to get from point A to point B. Life is full of choices and as I said, there are hundreds to thousands of drivers that are legally drunk that are driving on any given day that will never be arrested. With making zero tolerance for driving, but making it a moving violation, it is making the US highways and roads a lot safer. The police will be more than willing to stop people they might think are borderline, because there is no borderline now. It is black and white, zero or drunk and with the penalties reduced, people are having more respect for the police. It would also make people more aware that if they are going to be out drinking, they need to have a designated driver, or some bars might not serve unless they do have a designated driver. All of this would have to be enacted by state governments.

I believe those in North East Indiana want to see people that use or abuse drugs to come clean. I believe people in North East Indiana want to keep more of their money, rather than having it wasted on jails/prisons/useless law enforcement/useless war on drug interdiction methods. But I further believe the Declaration of Independence gives the individual the right to abuse their own body unless their actions interfere with another’s. That is where my Libertarian beliefs come into play.

b) Eliminating scheduling of drugs and making certain drugs federally legal.
The following drugs were only considered because they are psychologically additive and either being abused greatly and attempts should be made to tax, and attempt to move these abusers/users to rehabilitation and treatment. Criminalization causes a large drain on the US economy on both the loss to the economy of a worker, but also on the cost of incarceration.

i) Marijuana/Cannabis

(1) As long as the use does not interfere with anyone else’s rights, the person should be allowed to use in the confines of their house, or other legally prescribed area.

(2) Although it would be federally legal, it is still up to the individual states. With using the cover of medical marijuana as some states try to use, it is either legal or it is illegal. A prescription can always be found, you just need to find the right doctor.

(3) At your place of work, you can still be fired or prevented from being hired based upon your decision to use marijuana/cannabis. Although it is your right to use, it is their right to have a safe and productive business. As I have said before, life is full of choices.

ii) Crystal methamphetamine

(1) As long as the use does not interfere with anyone else’s rights, the person should be allowed to use in the confines of their house, or in another legally prescribed area.

(2) Although it would be federally legal, it is still up to the individual states. The idea with it being decriminalized is because it would eliminate most to all of the crimes involved either directly or indirectly. All the property damage and injury caused in the clandestine production where an explosion happens would be eliminated.

(3) At your place of work, you can still be fired or prevented from being hired based upon your decision to use meth amphetamine. Although it is your right to use, it is their right to have a safe and productive business.

(4) The production of crystal meth goes out to others can be harmful because of products stolen for production and left over harmful products in the crystal meth. With legalization, the state can by contract or by the state directly produce the product and tax the product and make the product safer.

iii) Cocaine

(1) At one time, cocaine or its derivatives were widely used in the US. That is where the name “coca-cola” was derived.

(2) Today according to scheduling, it is a Schedule II drug meaning it does have limited medical use under a physicians care. As far as I know, this is for cataract surgery for eyes where it is used on a routine basis.

(3) The importation of cocaine has not stopped nor decreased since the increased border security after 9-11. Much of the cocaine coming into this country is from rebels fighting governments friendly to the US. The population of the US is funding these rebels. In making cocaine legal, those countries can make legitimate business to export to the US and work on increasing the standard of living for those countries.

(4) Cocaine must be used mixed with wines, colas, cough syrups or something similar to be defined by the state. With cocaine coming through legitimately, price is falling, reducing crystal meth use.

Heroin, other opiates and other physically addictive drugs, need to remain illegal.

I do have more listed on my website at and I really wish you would look at my site, and send me email at I am personally answering all emails sent to me. I am remaining in the primary election, but I am campaigning passively. The only things I will be doing in the future are attending what has already been presented to me, requests for speaking and if any debates are scheduled, I will be at those debates. In the time from now until May 4th, I will begin concentrating on the general election in November for whoever that is.

I personally know Mr. Souder and Mr. Troyer, and all of us would do a great job. The only one I am running against is myself. Either the electorate likes what I have said, and what I promise to do, or they don’t. They will make the choice on May 4th. At this I am passively campaigning, I believe I am in a great position because I believe my values on taxes, social security, disability, balanced budget, gaining more manufacturing, drug rehabilitation rather than incarceration and Constitutional Amendments are more in line with the thinking of those in North East Indiana than what is currently being presented, and what has been presented in the past.



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