County Councilman Darren Vogt to seek re-election

Campaign statement from County Councilman Darren Vogt:

Darren Vogt announced today he will be seeking reelection for the Third District County Council seat

Campaign Correspondent K. Burton states “Vogt has been approached by many in the community requesting he consider other areas of government. He has been asked to consider Commissioner, Mayor and even options at the state level”.

After taking some time to determine where he could best serve Allen County, Vogt has decided to seek reelection for the Third District County Council position.

“County Council’s roll has changed dramatically over the last several years. I would be honored to serve another four year term and continue making sound fiscal decisions that best benefit the taxpayers of Allen County. At this point and time, I feel this is the best fit for me and Allen County” said Vogt.

Vogt plans on filing his reelection paperwork for Third District County Council this week.

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