High school schedule switching to seven-period day

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High school schedule switching to seven-period day

(February 2, 2010) Fort Wayne Community Schools’ high schools will switch to a seven-period day beginning in the fall of 2010. The decision has come after extensive evaluation of the current 4×4 schedule, its effectiveness in meeting the goals of High School Reinvent and LEAD Schools efforts and how a change in the schedule might better help students be academically successful.

Under the seven-period schedule, students will take seven 50-minute classes a day with two quarters equaling one semester. The schedule will provide students time in each class every day of the school year, instead of taking some classes for only a portion of the year, and will minimize the time missed if a student is out for a day. Shorter classes also improve time on task.

“When we started High School Reinvent a few years ago, we knew we didn’t want to change the schedule just for the sake of changing it,” Superintendent Dr. Wendy Robinson said. “We wanted to make sure it was instructionally sound and would provide us with the best structure to deliver a high quality education.”

FWCS switched to a 4×4 schedule for all high schools in the fall of 2002 to bring consistency to high school scheduling. Prior to 2002, the six high schools used different schedules, with some on 4×4, some on trimesters and some on a traditional six-period day. The lack of consistency between schools created difficulties for students who transferred from one school to another. The 4×4 schedule was selected as it offered students the opportunity to earn more credits during each school year. Under the 4×4 schedule, students take four 90-minute classes each quarter, but with extended time in each class, one quarter under 4×4 is equal to one semester under a traditional schedule.  After eight years following the 4×4 schedule, however, it has not generated the desired results.

“This schedule does not align well with what we are trying to accomplish with our students,” Dr. Robinson said. “We cannot get consistency and continuity in instruction when students may have long stretches during the school year when they are not receiving math instruction or instruction in another core class.”

Specific details on how this will affect the school day are still being worked out, including some aspects that are subject to negotiations with the Fort Wayne Education Association. As the high school schedule is established, the middle and elementary school schedules will also be examined.

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