Souder Statement on the State of the Union Address

Statement from US Representative Mark Souder:

U.S. Rep. Mark Souder released the following statement after President Barack Obama delivered the State of the Union address:

“While the president shifted his focus to job creation, he continues to embrace job-killing policies—like a second stimulus—that haven’t worked.

“Freezing a small portion of the budget isn’t real reform and any savings will be dwarfed by the new spending proposals. President Obama and the Democrats in Congress are still ignoring the bottom line: America is broke.

“This past year, non-mandatory spending increased by 18 percent, and revenues significantly declined. The result was a $1.4 trillion deficit and the largest single-year expansion of government since 1952. Government cannot continue to grow and increase spending at this rate!

“The federal government needs to stand down—remove the threat of a takeover of health care, abandon costly ‘cap and tax’ energy legislation, and end the special interest payback known as card check. Washington politicians can best help hardworking Hoosiers if they get out of the way.”

“As a nation, we have certain constitutional obligations that need to be fulfilled, for example, securing our border and protecting our homeland from attacks like we saw on Christmas Day in Detroit.

“Tonight’s speech was more of the same rhetoric we’ve been hearing for months. Thousands of Hoosiers have lost their jobs and remain unemployed. The president, however, seems unwilling to back away from his drive for government expansion that stamps out job growth.”

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