David Fillers announces his candidacy for the Sheriff of Wells County

David Fillers for Wells County Sheriff.  Courtesy photo.

A statement from David Fillers, candidate for Wells County Sheriff:

David Fillers Announced and Filed His Candidacy for the Sheriff of Wells County

Today, Tuesday, January 26, 2010 at the Wells County Courthouse, David Fillers announced and filed his candidacy for the Sheriff of Wells County. David is a long time resident of Wells County, a graduate of Norwell High School and Indiana, Purdue University at Fort Wayne in Criminal Justice. David is also a former officer and helicopter pilot in the Indiana Guard where he assisted in the management of drug interdiction and identification flights in coordination with the Indiana State Police and local authorities throughout the State of Indiana. David was also a pilot who flew hundreds of interdiction missions and was a key player in stopping tens of thousands of pounds of marijuana from hitting our streets. David is currently the owner of 21st Century Firearms in Bluffton and works full time for Alliance Games where he is Vice President of Operations overseeing a budget of over $40 million dollars and managing over 100 employees in 4 states.

David was compelled to run for Sheriff after noticing that the current Sheriff had averaged nearly $200,000 over budget for three consecutive budgets. Upon further investigation David found that in the process of overspending the current Sheriff had reduced training hours of deputies and allowed overtime to become out of control. “With my management background and my skills learned in the military I felt that it was time to step up and say that enough was enough” Fillers stated. “Not only is the budget in crisis but the department’s most valuable asset, its deputies and reserve officers have been under equipped, under trained and underutilized.” As a weapons expert, certified armouror and a police trainer who was recently featured on Outdoor Channel, SWAT TV, Fillers believes that he is in a unique position to “end the tax and spend Washington ways of our current Sheriff and adequately train our people.” “The time of luxury SUV’s must end and the focus of the Sheriff’s office must be to provide safety for the citizens of Wells County and must take precedence over the personal comfort of the Sheriff.”

Fillers was joined by his family and supporters today, despite the cold on the Wells County courthouse steps.

Fillers for Sheriff website

(Webmaster’s note: A little outside the Fort Wayne area, but included here for your reading.)


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