FamilyWize Savings in Allen County Top $195K for ‘09

Allen County Board of Commissioners Seal

Press release from the Allen County Board of Commissioners:

FamilyWize Savings in Allen County Top $195K for ‘09
Associated Churches to help promote, distribute cards

(January 12, 2010) – The FamilyWize program in Allen County set new records for saving residents money on their prescription drugs in 2009. And with the help of a new partner, the program expects to have another banner year in 2010.

According to figures released today by the Allen County Commissioners’ Office, the FamilyWize discount card saved residents a total of $195,843 dollars on their prescription drugs last year. The card was used 10,734 times during the year.

Since the program was introduced in Allen County nearly three years ago, county residents have been able to save $310,448 by using the FamilyWize card 15,928 times. The average saved on a prescription was $19.49, or 29 percent.

The United Way of Allen County began offering the program to residents through its member agencies in March of 2007. The Allen County Commissioners agreed to help with program promotion and distribution of the cards in April of 2008.

In a new development for 2010, the Associated Churches of Fort Wayne has agreed to distribute the cards at its 28 food bank locations. In addition, the group will help publicize the program through its member churches.

“This is a great opportunity to help members of our community who don’t buy the medicine they need, have difficulty affording it or reduce the required dosage because of the high cost,” said Rev. Roger Reece, executive director of Associated Churches.

“It’s truly amazing what we can accomplish when we all work together,” said Linda Bloom, president of the Allen County Board of Commissioners. “We appreciate Associated Churches for joining together with the United Way of Allen County and the Board of Commissioners to increase the distribution of FamilyWize cards in our community.”

The FamilyWize prescription drug discount cards are designed to help individuals and families who otherwise could not afford to buy the medicine they need due to insufficient coverage, no prescription coverage or need medications not covered by their insurance, Medicare, Medicaid or VA benefits.

Most local pharmacies accept the FamilyWize prescription drug discount cards. The cards have no usage or age limits, income requirements or registration forms, and can be used immediately.

FamilyWize cards currently can be obtained at more than 50 sites from a variety of participating local partner agencies, municipal and county agencies and departments. In addition, people with Internet access can go to to print their own card, look up drug prices and get a list of participating pharmacies.

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