State Rep. Phyllis Pond: Session Weekly Review

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E-mail update from State Representative Phyllis Pond (3rd-R):

Session Weekly Review

(STATEHOUSE) Last Tuesday, my fellow legislators and I traveled to Indianapolis to kickoff the 2010 legislative session. Since this year’s session is short, and must adjourn by March 14, we wasted little time getting right to work. Even Thursday’s major snow storm could not derail the House from hearing legislation.

Permanent Property Tax Caps

Today, the permanent property tax cap legislation, also known as House Joint Resolution 1 (HJR1), passed through the House and will now head to the Senate for a debate and vote.

Should permanent property tax caps pass through the Senate, Hoosiers will then have the opportunity to vote on adding the property tax caps to the constitution during the 2010 November general election.

Hoosier voters deserve an opportunity to vote on the caps, and I want Hoosiers to continue getting involved with legislation by making this vote. I will continue working hard to make sure you have a chance to have your voice heard.

Legislation Filed

One piece of legislation that I have filed this session concerns texting while driving. The language states that the driver who sends a text message while operating a vehicle is subject to a class D infraction, which is penalized by a maximum $25 fine. A driver who causes an accident as a result of sending a text message would be subject to a class B infraction, which is penalized by a maximum $1,000 fine.

To follow this legislation and more that I have filed, please use the following link at your convenience.

As always, the Statehouse is your house, so feel free to come by and watch the session. Also feel free to contact me my phone, e-mail, or standard mail. I continue to be honored to represent you.

Phone: 317-232-9753
Mail: 200 West Washington Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204

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