Township government out?

According to Associated Press reports, Indiana Representative Ed DeLaney of Indianapolis (Democrat) has introduced a bill which would transfer all township functions to county government by January 1, 2013, if approved.

The bill is not available on-line, but I will keep an eye out for it and post it when it becomes available.

What are your feelings on township government – should we keep it?  Is it antiquated, unnecessary?  Chime in on the poll question to the left and with your comments below.


  1. No I’m not in agreement with abolishing all township government, as a board member on Wayne Township, it is the government closest to the people. I’ve seen many people at Wayne Township applying for help in shelter, utilities, job training, etc., some who live in my neighborhood and attend my church. They are grateful for the services received at the township. That said, I do believe township government spending is wasteful but so are county, city governments. A board, commission, or council astute in the process of budgeting can make the executive officer acountable for his/her spending thereby reducing waste. Anything short of this will result in spending as usual without regard to taxpayers’ declining incomes.

    • Thank you for your comment, Maria. I am curious. Do you think government, and in particular township government, should play such an active role in poor relief? Is this something that would be better served by encouraging churches and similar non-profits to take more of an active role?

  2. Your welcome Stephen. I’m sorry for delay. I’ve been extremely busy. I think township government role in poor relief needs to be scaled down some because other state and/or federal agencies provide services i.e. prescription drugs,mortgage payments, doctor visits,etc. I don’t see churches providing these types of services but there are non-profits like Neighborhood health clinic, Matthew 25 that provide medical services. Township government would serve the community well by providing short term shelter and utilities and working with state, federal, non-profits, churches for all other services. I believe that churches and non-profits are already taking a vital role in poor relief and Wayne Township needs to do a better job of leveraging and coordinating with these entities.


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