O-Negative Blood Donors needed

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Press release from the American Red Cross:

O-Negative Blood Donors Needed
American Red Cross to Hold Special Donor Hours to Help Meet Need

The local supply of type O-negative blood is currently at insufficient levels. As the quantity of blood donors typically decreases during holiday weekends like New Year’s Day, the American Red Cross is extending hours this weekend to help boost the supply of type O-negative blood.

People with type O-negative blood are unique. Just 7% of the American population has type O-negative blood, yet 100% of the population can safely receive it. For that reason, it is often used to treat victims of trauma and in emergency situations when the patient’s blood type is unknown.

If you have type O-negative blood, you have a special gift to give this New Year’s. Please help replenish the local blood supply by donating at one of the following donor centers this weekend.

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