Banner photo

The current banner photo was taken this past Sunday, December 27, 2009 from the Historic Wells Street  Bridge.

One of the frequent problems experienced with selecting photos for the banner are that sometimes visually pleasing elements have to be cropped out.  Such was the case with this photo.

What struck me about this view when I saw it  Sunday, was the whites and grays with a brown river down the center.  It was visually pleasing.  Unfortunately, the cropped banner photo doesn’t do the view justice.  Hopefully this will explain a bit more why I chose this particular image.

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  1. Stephen! Stop it, your photos are some of the best in town…of town. I really enjoyed your display at the Embassy last year just keep it up!
    What I would love to see is a then and now with the old book of Fort Wayne photos with what they look like now….


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