City installs signs for Reed Road bike route

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Press release from the City of Fort Wayne:

City installs signs for Reed Road bike route
Pavement markings coming in spring; map available online

(December 23, 2009) The City of Fort Wayne has completed the signage for the Reed Road bike route on streets in northeast Fort Wayne. The new lime-green signs mark the route for this introductory project where bicycles and vehicles share the road. The City will add pavement markings to the route in spring.

This northeast bike route is the start of what the City expects being a full bikeway network throughout Fort Wayne.

“The signage for the Reed Road bike route is an important step in the City’s efforts to make it easier for people to use their bicycles for transportation. Although people think of bike riding as a fair-weather activity, we have Fort Wayne residents who ride in all seasons,” Mayor Tom Henry said. “The signs will also give drivers time to get acclimated, especially at intersections, to what I anticipate will be increased bicycle traffic.”

The route provides a connection for northeast neighborhoods between the Rivergreenway just north of downtown and the intersection of Reed and Evard roads. In the future, the City will connect the route to Shoaff Park via Evard. With input from cyclists, City staff selected the route’s alignment to reflect traffic volume, speed and the physical conditions of the streets. The City will monitor the route’s effects on traffic patterns plus driver and cyclist behavior.

Mayor Henry’s emphasis on bicycle infrastructure is to encourage Fort Wayne residents to use bicycles as transportation. Bike routes are common in other cities where roads are designated for cyclists and drivers to share the road. It is not designed for use by pedestrians and runners.

“It is important for drivers and bicyclists to share the road throughout Fort Wayne. Drivers need to give bicyclists sufficient room when passing and watch for them on the city streets. Bicyclists also need to do their part by following the rules of the road and wearing visible clothing and having reflectors or lights,” Mayor Henry said.

The City made some small modifications to the 6.5-mile route since it was announced in the spring. An updated map of the route is available on-line.

Mayor Henry announced the Reed Road project earlier this year as part of a trio of projects to add bicycle infrastructure. The other two projects, which will be added next year, are bike lanes on Wayne and Berry streets from Broadway and Coombs Street and Rudisill Boulevard from Foster Park to McMillen Park. Earlier this fall, the City added 170 bike racks in downtown Fort Wayne.

The City is developing a 10-year bicycle master plan for a 130-mile bikeway network, education and legislative action. It will be available for public review and comment early next year.

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