City-County office space survey

I haven’t really been paying much attention, so if this has been discussed elsewhere, my apologies.

There is a downloadable mail in survey asking for citizen’s input on their City-County needs. The questions asked include:

  1. How frequently do you transact business in person with City of Fort Wayne or Allen County governments?
  2. Which of these two governmental units do you visit the most?
  3. What is the purpose of most of your visits?
  4. What governmental services, either City or County, do you use in person most frequently?
  5. City and County governments now have two main buildings, the City-County Building and 200 East Berry Street (formerly Renaissance Square), and the opportunity to bring nearly all local government services together in the heart of the community. How would you divide the departments or service areas between the two buildings to ensure they best meet your needs?
  6. What would make conducting business with City and County governments easier for you?
  7. Where do you live?

I find it a bit odd that this wasn’t made available as an on-line survey.  I can remember seeing in old newspapers cut-out surveys from Mayor Lebamoff on various budgetary issues.  It would be interesting to see how many responses they receive, especially if it hasn’t been promoted.  Also, when we’re told how stretched thin the various city employees are, it makes me wonder who will be opening and tallying all the results.

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  1. Thanks, Steve, for posting the survey. It is pretty simple, so I was able to complete it, email it to Pat and wish her, as I do you, a very merry Christmas and a new year filled with award-winning posts.


  2. If memory serves me, this was actually put out like two or three months ago. It was done a few weeks before the John Stafford moderated “public forum” attended by about five people that the city held to get public input. I’m guessing since you are just now noticing it, they didn’t do a real good job advertising this one.


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