Statement from Dr. Wendy Robinson regarding administrative changes

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Press release from the Fort Wayne Community Schools:

Statement from Dr. Wendy Robinson regarding administrative changes

For two years, Fort Wayne Community Schools has been working to reinvent the district’s six high schools. This reinvention, which has become part of our effort to secure Race to the Top funding, is intended to ensure students receive a rigorous education that prepares them for life after high school.

As part of that process, we are making significant changes to job descriptions to make sure each staff member is effectively and efficiently contributing to our mission of educating all students to high standards. One of the areas we are addressing is the job descriptions of assistant principals at our high schools.

While our primary concern is students, we also want to treat our employees fairly. Under state law, school districts must follow specific processes in giving certain administrators due process if their contracts are not renewed. Even if it were not the law, it is the right thing to do to give employees sufficient notice that their jobs are changing. At this point, no one is without a job. Administrators have the right to reapply for new positions or be reassigned to other jobs in the district, and I expect many of them will lead the way to better schools for our children.

FWCS is working to transform our schools following the same procedures as when we successfully transformed Geyer Middle School into Towles Intermediate School. The process will not always be easy or painless, but it is our moral obligation to make sure our students are prepared for the real world. We believe the changes we are making will help us reach that goal.

We have a great team at FWCS, and many of our students are succeeding. But we need to make sure all students are succeeding. With your help we will be able to get that done.

Wendy Y. Robinson, Ed.D.

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  1. How about providing students a rigorous education before they enter high school? “High School Reinvent” won’t work unless “Middle School Reinvent” works. So how is “Middle School Reinvent” going?


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