White Lodging final contract awards

I talked with Redevelopment Executive Director Greg Leatherman on December 10, 2009, about the Courtyard By Marriott Hotel contracts that have been awarded by White Lodging.




Look for another clip or two later this week in which we talk about the projects the Redevelopment Commission worked on this past year, and their current status.

Download a list of the contracts awarded

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  1. Stephen – 1) Auburn is in DeKalb County not Allen and Roanoke is in Huntington County , also not in Allen. So those two cannot count as “Local” per the redevelopment agreement.
    2) Of the 40 companies listed only 21 of them qualify as contractors – the other 19 are suppliers.
    3) Of the major subs(earthwork,concrete,structural steel,plumbing, electrical,masonry,roofing,fire protection,drywall,paint & VWC,EIFS, and HVAC) only 3 out of these 12 are from our local area. When you add in the prime(Shiel Sexton from Indianapolis) it comes out to 3 out of 13 or 23%!
    4) The concrete contract listing Shiel Sexton as the sub seems very questionable – can a general contractor be one of their own subs? It was mentioned some time ago, by Greg Leatherman, that the concrete contract on this project was let to a contractor in Michigan but that they would be using a local ready-mix group to buy this item. Did this change, or is the list incorrect?

    Have you had a chance to talk with Felisha Minnick, the executive director of Associated Builders and Contractors of Allen County? (Telephone 441-9897) She has information covering the number of local contractors that had an opportunity to quote on any of the job.

    • John – I did not put the list together so if there are errors, it’s not my creation or problem. Remember, I merely provide information given to me, the words, views, whatever are those of the person or entity providing them. Comment should be directed at them, not myself.

      I did offer to one of the unions that had been protesting in front of the North Gate at Parkview Field an opportunity to have their opinion heard, but they did not respond. This was after I spoke with them in person at one of their protests.

      Perhaps you might contact Felisha and do something with her? I don’t mean to be snippy, but you do have access to a blog and have a better ability to carry this further than myself.

  2. Stephen – Please don’t take all comments as critical of you – because they are not. But, since the message appears on your blog, where the person making the statement is telling tales – this should be pointed out. Otherwise, people you interview can say anything and some of your readers will take it as truth, no matter how erroneous it may be.

    In addition to what was in my first comment, Greg Leatherman’s statement that “the State of Indiana is considered all local” flies in the face of the direct wording in the Hotel Development Agreement signed by White Lodging and Fort Wayne Redevelopment Commission and I quote,”Developer agrees to use its good faith efforts to employ qualified price competitive contracts from businesses LOCATED WITHIN ALLEN COUNTY, and to utilize qualified and competitive local contractors and trade organizations in the construction of the hotel, including, where qualified, available minority and woman-owned business enterprizes.”

    And your comment that questions the technical capabilities of Allen County’s electrical contractors on this project lacks any factual knowledge of what is available locally. Suggest that you check with local primes about this – we have at least three of the most technically savvy electrical contractors in the tri-state area right here in Allen County.

    • Thanks, John. As to my comments regarding the technical capabilities of local electrical contractors, re-listen to my comments – around the 4:10 mark. I did not present anything as fact. I stated that a friend of mine, who works for a highly respected, very capable company here in town, shared that the complexities can be many and that he wasn’t sure if there were many companies locally who could handle a project of this size. Again, neither of us stated that there was no one locally that could do it. So nothing was put forth as factual knowledge of what is available locally. Remember, I stated that we weren’t sure. And frankly, with the contract already awarded, and the fact that it didn’t go local means that either no one local bid on it or they did but were so far out of line with their bid that it wasn’t feasible for White Lodging to go with them.


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