Mayor Henry letter to Navistar

Below is a link to a letter dated December 7, 2009, from Mayor Tom Henry to Mr. Daniel Ustian, Chairman of the Board and President and Chief Executive Officer of Navistar.

The letter lists several benefits our City has to Navistar and ends with the following paragraph:

[…] We realize that companies must continually make choices to preserve advantage or maintain the bottom line, and that these challenging times demand thoughtful decisions.  We are sensitive to Navistar’s need to find the right and rewarding balance.  Still, we believe that Fort Wayne is a place of opportunity for Navistar.

Please accept this invitation to join me for a meeting at your next possible convenience.  I would welcome the chance to showcase the cost advantages of our community, our package of incentives and the many ways that Fort Wayne can help Navistar stay in the lead by keeping the Truck Design and Technology Center in Fort Wayne.

We are proud to have Navistar as part of our regional family.  We know Navistar employees are proud to call Fort Wayne home.  Our community is committed to Navistar and its success.  From the storied decades of International Harvester to the creative Truck Design and Technology Center today, we know Fort Wayne is a place where Navistar can build for the future.  Grow with us here in Fort Wayne.

Download a copy of the letter

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