Mayor Henry on the Gaming Study Committee Report

Statement of Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry on the Gaming Study Committee Report:

The Gaming Study Committee report released today contained good news for Fort Wayne. It affirmed the right of the public to be heard on this important issue, something I have championed all along with my call for a referendum on gaming. The report also highlighted the significant economic potential in the Fort Wayne market, possibly $20 million to $30 million of new revenue each year.

As I have said consistently, I want the people of Fort Wayne to be able to make their own decision about gaming. This report echoes those sentiments. That is why I led the way in calling for a referendum. And why I will continue working with our state legislators to secure one. I believe the people of Fort Wayne should have the chance to choose for themselves what opportunities they want to explore. I am pleased that the committee has upheld those rights.

Gaming is such a significant employer and source of revenue for the state of Indiana. I applaud the committee for its thoughtful examination of this issue and its determination to sustain the gaming industry to the benefit of all Hoosiers. The finding that a viable, untapped market exists in Fort Wayne should be especially encouraging to lawmakers and every citizen. What is equally heartening is that the report reinforces the outcomes of the City of Fort Wayne’s own research on this matter.

As Mayor, I am committed to ensuring that Fort Wayne has every chance to thrive. In these challenging economic times, I believe an opportunity that could strengthen the economy of our community and state, one that could bring new jobs, high-quality investment and significant new revenue every year, is one that deserves serious consideration. This report puts the spotlight on opportunity, and that is good for everyone.

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